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Azania Productions (Pty) Ltd is a level 1 BEE female run company based in Johannesburg.

We are a full-service Production House which offers: Strategic Digital Marketing and PR, Media Management, TV Commercials, Print, Corporate Videos, Consumer Interactive Videos which includes Branding. We also produce TV and Film content. We are involved from the development of the creative and see it to delivery.

Azania Productions assists emerging film makers in acquiring funding depending on the project status. We also collaborate with both Local and International producers. We provide you with efficient service, great product, guaranteed delivery within budget. And we are a female empowered production company.


We work closely with emerging film makers assisting them to obtain funding and manage their budgets. In addition, we offer production services for those who need support from creative to post production to marketing and distribution both locally and abroad

We create high production value films which appeals to international market and avail it to cinema and world festivals releases.

Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing plan will promote your company to large, diverse audiences that could not be reached through traditional marketing such as phone and email based advertising. Marketing on most social media platforms comes at little to no cost, making it accessible to virtually any size business.

TV Commercials

We create television advertisement that meets broadcast standards, placing the advertisement on television to reach the desired customer and then measuring the outcomes of these ads, including the return on investment.

Corporate Videos and Media Management ect

We are a business administration discipline that identifies and describes strategic and operational phenomena and problems in the leadership of media enterprises.

Our Corporate video content is targeted towards the company’s core selling demographics.

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Comedy - Drama / 6th best grossing local film / October 2019

The Blessers movie is a comedy-drama about how one family learns the biggest lessons of their lives in the worst way possible.

Jacob Mofokeng (Kenneth Nkosi) is a middle-aged business man who has become accustomed to his routine; his wife, Michelle (Sonia Mbele), his daughter, Natasha (Six Nyamane), his work and his fun. As a powerful CEO, with a big house, a successful wife, a family and expensive recreational habits, Jacob feels like it will always be this easy.

You see, although Jacob did love hard once, he was forced into marrying Michelle by his family to create a partnership that will catapult his career, wealth and family name, and he agreed. It is not to say he does not care about Michelle. He respects her as his wife and always tries his best to keep the peace. He’s had a pretty smooth marriage, feelings aside, and emotions have not hit the extremes with Michelle…just yet.

Starring: Kenneth Nkosi, Sonia Mbele, Connie Chiume, Tbo Touch, Six Nyamane, Khathutshelo Ramabulana and Nay Maps


Comedy - Drama / Coming Soon

Ntombi’s mom is out all the time with her new man, Zakes, leaving Ntombi to look after her little sister Zinzi. So Ntombi is missing practices for SA’s ‘Teen Voice’ competition and the auditions are getting closer. Besides, Ntombi’s keen to have her own fun especially once she gets the attention of Mzi, one of Harmony High’s hottest boys. But what secrets are Zakes and Mzi hiding? How many promises will be broken before Ntombi finds out the truth?

small sets with lovely crew working tirelessly to complete the film scheduled at 18 shoot days in Cape Town, despite all the challenges we had shooting sometimes nights.

Our talented young cast members were such a ball of fire. Very professional and fun.

An educationally journey for many who aspire to do well in the entertainment industry.

Mr Johnson

Comedy - Drama / Coming Soon

David Johnson awakes from a 50-year coma at the age of 76. He has a very hard time accepting his old body, the fact that he has lost more than half of his life, and the super modern world he now must adjust to. Frustrated and angry, he finally embraces the abrupt loneliness by consolidating his entire life into the one important romantic relationship he left behind, and he tracks down his college year’s sweetheart, Halina McCarthy.

The Good, the Old and the Greedy

Comedy - Drama / Coming Soon

The GOG tells the story of a greedy grandson Terrance and his plans to get his gran murdered to benefit from her money. Unbeknownst to him, his gran is not as wealthy as he thinks she is. His plans and desperation sends him deeper into the dark side as he literally fights to survive from owing money to a casino boss and some shady ‘out of towners’. What starts out as a vengeful plan ends up with a friendship that was meant to be.

The First Last Tour Film

Comedy - Drama / Coming Soon

Stefan Scott, a struggling musician, is on the edge of a tall building it looks as though he’s going to jump As he peaks over the edge, a girl named Ella shows up and says; "I wouldn't do that if I were you Stefan is taken by surprise :“What do you mean?” She moves in next to him and leans over the edge: “ think about it You’re just not famous enough for something like this Ella mentions that she has the necessary contacts to get Stefan’s career back on track" Look, I don't want to push you over the edge, but I’d love to give you a nudge in the right direction

Immediately fascinated with her and her entire existence Stefan agrees. The two twenty somethings hit the road Stefan does not have a car, so they end up stealing his older brother’s 1983 Volkswagen GTI

Apparently, Ella has experience hot wiring a car They speed off After hearing Stefan’s music, Ella suggests they make a detour to a producer buddy of hers to recreate his image and sound The buddy happens to be famous rapper Priddy Ugly him and Ella are quite close, and this makes Stefan jealous Stefan and Ella are doing a city to ocean route and it is here where they start to learn about each other

The Looking for Love Film

Comedy - Drama / Coming Soon

LOOKING FOR LOVE follows the hilarious adventures of a single, unaccomplished Black Zulu comedian who embarks on a desperate search to find Mr. Right in the pitiless concrete jungle that is Joburg; all before she turns 40. After an embarrassing and utterly disastrous drunken display at her younger sister’s wedding, BUYI DUBE (38) has her parents worried and disappointed that she’s wasted her life pursuing a stand-up comedy career that’s evidently a failure.

As a result, they insist Buyi takes her head out of the clouds and focus on finding herself a good man and get married before she hits 40. She is after all the first daughter. Buyi is absolutely guttered. Buyi returns from Kwa-Zulu Natal feeling hopeless about her future. She’s a chubby, black woman with an Afro in South Africa – where will she find a man? And to top it off, the one thing going for her is her humour and that apparently is in question too! Desperate, Buyi reluctantly agrees to allow her sexy, best friend, LINDI (36) to give her a complete makeover: workouts, health smoothies and quinoas... the works in the hope of finding a man to marry her.

Broken Promises 4ever

Comedy - Drama / Coming Soon

Amsugi's grandson, Mandoza, is desperate to get married, but he is rejected by Skye, his girlfriend, as she feels that he needs to ask her father, Kallan, for permission, and she is also concerned that she has not yet met Mandoza's family.

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