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Mense Van Die Wind



After a freak accident claims the life of his girlfriend, Karien, a popular Pretoria-based singer/songwriter, Louw van Lier, flees the city for the tranquility of his family’s farm. He finds a measure of solace in his boyhood room and the familiar surroundings of his youth. He hopes that his self-imposed isolation will help him to come to terms with the tremendous loss of his love, and slowly find a way to rebuild his life.

He reluctantly helps on the farm, now run by his sister and brother-in-law, reconnects with an ex-girlfriend, and befriends an abused and troubled teenage boy, Venter. Louw takes Venter under his wing, and through his music, helps Venter to come out of his shell. This in turn helps Louw out of his own depression and gives him the strength to perform again, even if it is only at the local school’s rugby festival. When Louw breaks down during the performance of a song written as a tribute to Karien, it is Venter who finds the courage to support him in his hour of need.