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The First Last Tour



An already down and out Rapper wanna be in his 20’s has lost all hopes of ever becoming a household name. Having never taken off on his own native country where his home language and culture seems to be waning, he goes on to Bomb on stage in a Dutch speaking country where he thought his language will give him an advantage as its close to the one spoken there.

Being forced to Come back to the reality of living in Johannesburg in his home country, he arrives back to even more nails to his coffin.

He’s robbed of his last belongings seconds after arriving back in Johannesburg, finds out his possible Accommodation and ex-girlfriend is now engaged and living with someone else, his only family and brother is a drug dealer who wants him to join the family business, and to make matters worse, his one-night stand and only groupie in Holland sends a DM saying she’s pregnant. Suicide seems to be the only solution right now…

With all of this playing out on social media and by now having gathered all the info they need to profile Stefan, a group of Angels led by Ella, a mysterious Red haired woman Angel in her late 20’s/ early 30’s are about to try and rescue Stefan from ending his life, and possibly even help him record his first Hit song. The Only catch is his hit song will come from a road trip / journey he has to take with Ella almost immediately, but it has to be with the right car, the right stops along the way, and the perfect hip hop producer who can take even the worst Rapper in any two countries and turn him into a Hip Hop rapper super star. They have a few days…