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The Good, the Old and the Greedy



Terrance is a shady dealer, a Jack of all deals, and troublemaker of note. His greed has landed him in debt to some very dangerous individuals. Now, they’re calling in the debt and he has no way of settling. However, he learns that his granny, Lutchmi, is worth millions and he is one of her beneficiaries. Suddenly, he sees her death as a way out of his troubles.

His plans to have his granny knocked off come to naught as she proves way more resilient than he thought. He employs Melissa, an innocent and extremely timid young girl who he figures will get the job done. However, this plan also backfires when Melissa bonds with Lutchmi.

In utter desperation, Terrence approaches one of his creditors with a plan to kidnap Melissa and hold her for ransom. This has a number of very bad and unforeseen consequences.