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Azania Productions

A full-service Production House which offers: Strategic Digital Marketing and PR, Media Management, TV Commercials, Print, Corporate Videos, Consumer Interactive Videos which includes Branding.

Azania Productions was founded by two fearless women who channeled their combined talents into creating the type of content that no one else was.

Driven by pure passion and hard-gained experience on over 20 films, they took a leap of faith and within a remarkably short time started to make an impact and become a force to be reckoned with.

They have produced 8 films under the Azania banner that have been released on various platforms including cinema and streaming services Netflix, DSTV BoxOffice, Amazon and Viu.

Currently, Azania Productions has a slate of films in various stages of production, post-production and sales negotiations.

Azania is a fully-fledged production company with the expertise to provide support in all aspects of film production, from concept development and scripting through to funding and production.

We assist storytellers on their journey to becoming filmmakers and by giving them a holistic view of the filmmaking process, arm them with the skills and practical know-how to forge their careers in the industry.

Azania has recently launched an initiative that will see young filmmakers, from different backgrounds, working on an anthology of short films. The aim is to create a body of work that is easy to sell and at the same time help to make the filmmakers bankable.

It is hoped that this initiative will ultimately be self-sustaining, thus allowing more and more young filmmakers to get a foot in the door.

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