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‘Blessers’ is a comedy-drama about how one family learns the biggest lessons of their lives in the worst way possible.

Jacob Mofokeng (Kenneth Nkosi) is a middle-aged business man who has become accustomed to his routine; his wife, Michelle (Sonia Mbele), his daughter, Natasha (Six Nyamane), his work and his fun. As a powerful CEO, with a big house, a successful wife, a family and expensive recreational habits, Jacob feels like it will always be this easy.

You see, although Jacob did love hard once, his family coerced him into marrying Michelle to create a partnership that would catapult his career, wealth and family name, and he agreed. This is not to say he does not care about Michelle. He respects her as his wife and always tries his best to keep the peace. He’s had a pretty smooth marriage, feelings aside, and emotions have not hit the extremes with Michelle just yet.

Along with George, his partner-in-crime and colleague, the two dominate the boardroom as well as the bedroom but as it turns out, they do not quite control their homes. Jacob’s wife, Michelle, is a strong woman who wants everything done her way. And her way is seldom Jacob’s way. She always lets him know exactly how she feels and most of the time, she feels angry and annoyed. Jacob has given up on ever making Michelle happy and she is slowly sharing the same sentiment.

When she finally achieves peak frustration, she finds herself open to new and unconventional ways of getting satisfaction, thanks to her close friend, Juliet. While Michelle finds some loving from a stranger she has paid for, her daughter Natasha finds love from a stranger she happens to rob.

Talent (Khathu Ramabulana), a young man who lives with his close friend, Katlego (Nay Maps), loses his job and finds a creative way to make a quick buck to pay his overdue rent. Katlego, who is creative enough for both, convinces Talent to take one of his clients for the night; ‘clients’ being the older women Katlego sleeps with for money. When Talent finds himself in Michelle’s arms, he has no idea of the repercussions he could face because of that night.

Meanwhile, after Natasha is cut off financially by her parents and finds love with Talent, she too gets caught knee-deep in the world of blessers. Attracted only to the cash, she finds humorous and creative ways to get the money without letting the men taste the honey. But even her trickery doesn’t shield her 5 Blessers Production Notes from finding her own father half-naked and waiting for her in a hotel room. The two have played the blessers game and got caught with their heads and pants down!

Awakened and saddened by the turn of events, Jacob has made it his mission to fix his family and find their love. He starts by inviting his family members to a formal dinner at home. Natasha decides it’s time her parents meet her boyfriend, Talent. But as soon as Michelle locks eyes with Simon at the house, it is highly doubtful that this will be a great night for Natasha.

Sure enough, during the dinner, secrets are revealed by the maid who had been lying low and building a file on the family which only got bigger and worse. Frustrated to the brim from her countless pleas for a raise, she reveals all sorts of secrets.